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Ear Training Expedition

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     for Windows 98/ME/2000/XP

Trail Creek Systems now offers a theory & ear training program for even the more advanced music students, with newly-released Ear Training Expedition Part 3!  In creative visual presentations, ETE Part 3 follows the same delightful format as its predecessors, Ear Training Expeditions Part 1 and Part 2, keeping students on course as they continue on their journey into musicianship. This new third title in the ETE series offers five more engaging Levels of theory and aural skill adventures taught  through carefully-sequenced learning "Units". In each of the more than twenty Units, theory and aural concepts are presented in "layers", then reinforced through cleverly-correlated learning activities and practice games, where musical examples are played and shown on a staff. Each Level has at least one "Listening Skill Game" in which examples are not seen visually, but must be identified by ear.   All lessons and games are entirely self-paced, allowing the user to listen to each game example up to three times.

Ear Training Expedition Part 1 is newly-updated for Windows XP. It is the perfect solution for elementary-level students, starting out in Level 1 with very basic concepts such as high, middle & low, and melodic direction & movement.  ETE Part 1 also introduces major and minor triads ( root position), perfect, major, and minor intervals, and scale structure of major and harmonic minor scales.

Ear Training Expedition Part 2 reviews triads in root position, then introduces inverted triads. It teaches augmented and diminished triads, then reviews all four triad types in both close and open position. The program also covers rhythm and meter recognition, Circle of 5ths & key signatures, and the three types of minor scales.

Ear Training Expedition Part 3  Here students will explore five types of seventh chords, cadences, scale degrees and triads of the scale, simple & compound meters, harmonic progression, other scale types: (whole tone, pentatonic, chromatic, modes), and melodic movement/recognition. Part 3 offers over 2000 musical examples in its games. Included with ETE Part 3 is a Teachers' Curriculum Guide which offers instructions on how to install and use the program, as well as a detailed outline of the content in each Level and Unit.

Ear Training Expedition was originally developed to help students learn the theory and ear training skills required for a typical syllabus exam. Its content has since been carefully correlated with several syllabus programs and has proven to be a very helpful learning tool. ETE is also being used by high school students preparing for AP Music exams, as well as freshman theory students needing extra practice in aural skills.  Although originally developed for the independent music studio, Ear Training Expedition is now being used in all types of learning environments, including group lessons and in the classroom. It is great for all ages of students (kindergarten through adult), and is applicable in the study of any instrument.

The ETE Series offers a wide variety of musical selections, representing different style periods and composers, as well as some original compositions. Each piece is correlated with the concept being taught
All three segments of Ear Training Expedition now come with record-keeping capacity, the standard version tracking up to 32 students. Names can be added or  deleted, and additional tracking capacity can be purchased through Trail Creek Systems, if needed

Each of the three titles, or "Parts" of ETE comes on a separate CD.  Once installed on a computer's hard drive, the CD is no longer needed to run the program.  Theory and aural skills can now be learned independently with this user-friendly program. With its delightfully visual approach, Ear Training Expedition takes the drudgery out of ear training drill, thus motivating students to repeat games to improve their scores. What a tremendous time-saver for music teachers who rightfully prefer using valuable private lesson time teaching performance and technic!

Ear Training Expedition Parts 1, 2, and 3 can be purchased separately, or as a package. Affordably priced at $79.95 per title, teachers can save up to $40.00 by buying the set of all 3 titles for $199.95, or any 2 titles for $139.95. Discounts are available for existing customers who wish to upgrade an older version of ETE Part 1. Special pricing is also available for "Lab-packs" in units of 5, 10, 15 or 30, for MIDI labs  or classrooms with multiple computer stations. For more information, please call Trail Creek Systems at 208-232-7053.

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